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The Corsair Force Series MP510 480GB M.2 NVMe SSD is a solid-state drive designed for high-speed data transfer and storage. It uses the M.2 form factor and NVMe interface, which allows for faster read and write speeds than traditional SATA SSDs.

The MP510 480GB model offers up to 3,480MB/s sequential read and up to 3,000MB/s sequential write speeds, making it a good choice for gamers, content creators, and professionals who need fast access to large files. It also has a durable design with an endurance rating of up to 800 terabytes written (TBW), which means it can handle a lot of read and write operations over its lifetime.

This SSD also comes with Corsair’s SSD Toolbox software, which allows you to monitor drive health, update firmware, and optimize performance. Overall, the Corsair Force Series MP510 480GB M.2 NVMe SSD is a reliable and high-performance storage solution for those in need of fast and efficient storage for their computer systems.

Original price was: Rs. 28,000.00.Current price is: Rs. 27,000.00.

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