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The GAMDIAS AURA GP450 is a 450 watt power supply unit (PSU) designed for use in gaming PCs and other high-performance systems. It is a non-modular PSU, meaning that all of the cables are attached to the unit and cannot be removed or replaced.

The AURA GP450 features a single 12V rail with a maximum output of 36A, providing stable power delivery to all components in your system. It also has an 80 Plus Bronze certification, indicating that it is highly efficient and able to convert a high percentage of AC power into DC power.

In terms of connectors, the AURA GP450 has a 24-pin ATX connector, a 4+4-pin EPS connector, two 6+2-pin PCIe connectors, six SATA connectors, and three Molex connectors. This should provide enough connectivity for most gaming systems.

Overall, the GAMDIAS AURA GP450 is a solid choice for a budget-oriented gaming PC or other high-performance system. It provides stable and efficient power delivery, and its non-modular design helps keep costs down. However, if you require more flexibility in terms of cable management or higher wattage output, you may need to consider a different PSU.

Original price was: Rs. 10,500.00.Current price is: Rs. 10,000.00.

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